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Gulf Legal Consultants (GLC) is a Qatari-based law firm working in compliance with the Qatari law organised to provide legal service requirements of individuals and companies in various business sectors in the State of Qatar and in foreign countries. GLC has a team of well experienced lawyers in diverse field of expertise in Qatari and International laws.

Being recognised as one of the leading law firms in Qatar and the outstanding performance in handling complex legal issues, GLC has obtained business affiliation with a number of international law firms and their branches around the world. Thus, GLC has the capability to assist clients anywhere in the world and obtain quick access to lawyers with the right expertise and depth of jurisdictional knowledge to meet the client's needs.

The excellent reputation that GLC achieved in providing legal services to its clients, here and abroad, is the result of its extraordinary performance in their service. The practice is being managed by a group of skilled and well-experienced attorneys with dedication and strong commitment to provide the best service to the clients.

Composed of a group of lawyers with unquestionable qualifications and expertise in different areas of practice, GLC has moved its way up beyond the level of its competitors in the trade of legal service provider. The firm continuously educate, train and update its team regarding the latest decree, act, ruling, policy, regulations, law and order, released by Qatari and international government through attending local and international conventions, seminars, training, symposiums and subscribing to publications that focuses on legal issues. These learning activities helped GLC lawyers to respond quickly and effectively to every challenge.

Through the years, GLC handled various complex cases both locally and internationally. GLC’s satisfied clients are the living advertisement that promotes the firm to other clients in need of legal consultation and advice. GLC understands the economic pressures the client faces in a highly competitive market and thus always aim to build a long term relationship with the clients through fair and equitable billing practices. Our lawyers strive for a cost-efficient approach both beneficial to GLC and its clients, hence, GLC never begins an engagement without full consultation on the cost and without providing the clients information of the expenses to be incurred.


“OUR FIRM SUCCEEDS BY HELPING OUR CLIENTS SUCCEED”, guided by and abiding this principle, GLC is committed to maintain its prominent status by providing all local and international clients an extraordinary service only a dedicated and committed firm like GLC can provide.

GLC’s commitment to clients combines legal ability with accountability. We deliver the comprehensive resources and skilled advice required of a leading national law firm, and giving value to our clients by informing them of the realworld understanding of what right they have to expect for the fees they pay. Cost-efficiencies, responsive service and rapid turnaround are standard practices for our lawyers.

GLC insists on being in the forefront as new issues in law constantly emerge and new areas of economic activity develop, guiding the creation of legal precedent and expanding the services and skills necessary to meet our client’s needs.


GLC go the extra mile to provide what clients rarely receive even from the largest firms: the right level of staffing for any matter, clear and informal communication in writing and in person, a practical understanding of business needs developed by working in partnership with each client.

We provide extra service beyond billable services by working with client staff to avoid duplication of effort, attending board and shareholder meetings to provide legal perspective, and making introductions among our clients to facilitate business development.

GLC always strive to give its clients additional services beyond the charged fees. The knowledge our team gained in their learning activities is shared and conveyed to our clients by providing in-house training, regular notice on public policy developments, conducting seminars and issuance of newsletter concerning legal news. When other firms may seem to focus on maximising billable hours, we earn our clients’ trust by offering real value as partners and counselors.


Composed of expert and traditional lawyers with in depth knowledge of international and Qatari laws, GLC is highly qualified to provide commercial legal services in all business sectors such as:

  • Litigation

  • Arbitration

  • Corporate

  • Real Estate & Retail

  • Intellectual Property

  • Technology Media & Telecom (TMT)

  • Banking and Finance

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Employment & Pension

  • Energy, Transport & Infrastructure

  • Taxation

  • Contracts (Oil & gas, Energy, Investment, Acquistion, Franchise, BOT, BOOT, FIDIC)


GLC is skilled and well-experienced in the field of commercial, civil, criminal, family, inheritance, corporate, financial, construction, and administrative litigation. It represents local and international clients before the Qatari courts. GLC also provides litigation assessments and consultations concerning status of lawsuits already in progress.

GLC has been engaged in a number of arbitration cases and served as a mediator between conflicting parties to come up with an amicable settlement thus avoiding unnecessary further legal actions.

GLC provides legal counseling, support and assistance to their respective local and foreign companies in establishing and developing their business in Qatar and international markets. GLC legal advice covers all aspects of business activity including:

GLC is specialised in offering assistance in the field of construction, promotion of real property and business transactions concerning real estate in Qatar. The firm advises its clients in all tax, environment and administrative regulations issues related to construction projects in Qatar, thus avoiding collision with the tax, environmental or labour authorities. It consults its clients upon purchase, lease or sale of land or of real property in Qatar.

Intellectual Property cases in GLC is managed by a senior partner skilled in the field of patent, trademarks, copyright, models and designs, information technology, e-commerce, and unfair competition issues. We have a prominent Intellectual Property practice that has helped Qatari and multinational corporate clients to protect and secure maximum advantage from their intellectual assets.
GLC performs trademark and trade names investigations for the screening and clearance of proposed marks and company names for use in Qatar and in the GCC community. GLC assists in filing & registering local and international trademark applications in Qatar and oversees the filing and registration of foreign trademark applications in conjunction with foreign clients or law firms. GLC is highly qualified in all fields of Intellectual Property litigation.

GLC provides legal advice to leading and emerging players of TMT both here and abroad. Our firm has the ability to keep up on the fast-pace improvement of this sector and present a realistic and practical legal advice to our clients. GLC establishes agreements allowing the creation and ownership of copyrightable works according to the Qatari and International law, as well as publishing, distribution and representation agreements in the field of recordings, advertising, television and cinema.

GLC’s specialisation in TMT has aided and assisted several media entities from preparing their entity structures, policies and technology satellite contracts.

GLC’S growing reputation in the field of banking and finance is the by-product of handling several cases of leading organisations including banks, accountancy firms, insurance and reinsurance companies, fund and asset management companies, financial intermediaries and brokers that reflects the firm’s capacity to deliver legal expertise covering all areas that financial institution and financial services require.

GLC lawyers have particular strength at guidance and advocacy in areas unique to law and government in Qatar, including administrative law and tribunals and Supreme Court. We also offer unsurpassed counsel on issues concerning major Qatari industries from forestry, mining and power generation to emerging companies in information technology and franchising. GLC’s priority is to settle the disputes with the least amount of anxiety, time, cost, and legal intervention. Where court action is required, GLC has the ability to act instantly at a moment’s notice. The firm has represented different clients in variety of cases before all courts and tribunals including Court of Appeals and Supreme Court both here and abroad.

GLC has a wealth of legal experience on matters concerning employment and benefits. Our firm has a track record in counseling government entities as well as foreign and local companies. GLC had assisted numerous entities in terms of their company structure establishment, drawing their respective policies, career lattice, salary scale and company agreements.

In the same way, GLC provides legal advice to employees and individuals with regards to provisions in their contract of employment, labour laws, immigration rules & regulations and all subjects concerning labour and employment.

GLC’s attorneys are equipped with knowledge and experience to provide legal advice in energy, transport and infrastructure industries. Our firm has directly assisted clients from drafting contracts, to negotiating and concluding business transactions.

GLC advises leading local and international companies in all facets of tax issues such as creating and executing a tax-efficient system for all types of business transactions, negotiating contractual terms relating to tax liabilities, handling tax related disputes including tax litigation.

GLC has a team of dedicated attorneys who are highly competent to provide full legal service to insurance & reinsurance clients. From complex reinsurance coverage disputes to forming alternative risk transfer products. Our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and the major concerns of our clients allows us to give accurate and practical legal counsel.

GLC aids individuals in defending their private interests such as in the field of family, matrimonial and personal property law, including employment, pensions, immigration and other presonal disputes.

GLC provides various legal and administrative services such as:

GLC has diversified number of multilingual legal consultants and team members qualified to communicate and assist in the following different languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Farsi and Filipino.


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