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Servcorp Workspace Solutions, Virtual Office and Coworking space lead the world in over 160 locations globally. 40,000+ businesses from SMEs to large global enterprises choose Servcorp as the best solution for their office space requirements. In every conducted survey, the clients complained when they did not have anyone to talk to when calling an enterprise. In Servcorp you have a receptionist to answer your calls, IT support and a team to delegate to, giving our clients the power of a multinational corporation. 
We have offices throughout Australia, the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The most prestigious brand in the short-term commercial real estate industry

Recent studies show that the demand for Coworking Spaces rose from 0 to 25% across the globe and the government in Qatar is encouraging entrepreneurs to operate from Coworking Spaces. One of the biggest drivers of this trend are millennials and entrepreneurs who are looking for a collaborative environment to set up their business in and Servcorp is the first in Qatar to have embraced the change. You need to be able to work effectively and efficiently and Servcorp is the only workspace provider to build a platform with over 40,000 client base you can communicate with, buy from and sell to.
Our buildings are always A-Grade, located in the central business districts. Our multi-million dollar fit-outs are complete with granite and marble floors, accents of timber and leather, and beautiful views that overlooks the city and beyond.

Our Servcorp Community

Our new community platform is one of the largest business communities in the world and is available for all our members to connect, collaborate and come together with over 40,000 professionals around the globe.


Dedicated Desk

S Every package has access to: S
Great design Fast and Secure Wi-Fi Secure storage
Secretaries and support teams Network printers/copiers

I.T help

Meeting Rooms

Private phone booths and spacious break-out areas Great coffee, tea, filtered water and fully stocked bar


Hot Desk Dedicated Desk Offices

All-day Coworking

First come, best spot




24/7 Dedicated Desk

24/7 access to your own desk
in a shared space

You work in the same space every day



Fully furnished private office

Secure Superfast Internet, IP phones and voicemail

Receptionist answers your phone

Our address is your address

5 days/month free office use outside home city locations

               Learn, work and collaborate with like-minded imagineers!

Serviced Offices


If you qualify – some of the world’s best addresses become your address.

Private Office

Fully furnished premium offices accommodating teams of any size.


Our 5 star address to use on your website and collateral.

Local Phone Number

Assigned instantly (includes free calls across Servcorp locations). Answered by your receptionist.

High-speed internet

High speed and secure internet with 99.99% uptime.

On-site support team

Access to highly trained on-site team, dedicated reception service and personalised administration support.

In-house IT support

IT support 24/7, just dial *1 from your Servcorp phone.

Meeting room facilities available

Fully equipped boardrooms, meeting rooms worldwide at member prices. Book online in real time.

Global Office, Lounge and Coworking space usage

5 days Office / Lounge usage per month at any Servcorp location worldwide. Unlimited Coworking Space usage.

Community membership

Access to Servcorp’s global community of 40,000 clients to buy from, sell to and communicate with.

Business-class printers

Access to business-class printers, scanners and photocopiers.


Best coffee, tea, filtered water as well as a fully stocked bar.

                                     Keys to the Servcorp global kingdom

Virtual Offices


 s                             First month FREE, No further obligation

What you get:

  • 3 days Private Office usage per month outside your home location.

  • 3 hours Coworking usage per day worldwide.

Business address

5-star address to use on your website and collateral.

Global access

160+ locations in 55 cities across 23 countries.


Multilingual receptionist at your chosen location to answer your calls in your company name as instructed.

Local phone number

Local telephone number assigned instantly. 24/7 voicemail delivery to email or mobile.

Support team*

A friendly and highly trained team are available on-site during business hours. IT Support available 24/7 - just dial *1.

Meeting facilities*

Access fully equipped boardrooms, meeting rooms and facilities worldwide. Online booking services also available in real time.

Easy startup

No security deposit.

Community membership

40,000 strong verified community contacts across the globe which you can find in our directory and are an extension away.

Exclusive to Premium Virtual Office

4 days /mth FREE use of private offices at your home location.

  • Available at member rates

20% of your spend credited when you upgrade to a Serviced Office.


The Virtual




Premium Virtual Office


 Succeed 2

  •  Ask to be connected to the Internet – How long does it take?

  • Ask if the provider is Tier 1.

  • Ask to be allowed to check download speeds.

  • Ask if their wireless network is high-speed & secure.

  • Ask if you receive your own dedicated wireless login credentials.

  • Ask what kind of firewall can be set-up for your network.

  • Ask if the IT team is in-house. Are they based in the country?

  • Ask to be given a phone number so you can try the service before you buy.

  • Ask for a phone rate card.

  • Ask to meet your receptionist. The receptionist is the front line of your business.

  • Ask about disaster transfer.

  • Ask if your phone extension can roam at no cost to other locations.

  • Ask to see the transparency code of the provider.

  • Ask if incoming callers outside office hours can dial “1” from voicemail to mobile.

  • Ask if you can get free calls equal to your connection amount.

  • Ask if your phone bill is 20% lower than telco rates.

  • Ask if they offer a voicemail to email service.

If it’s not fun or profitable….

Why do it?

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