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Small place with barrels of promise

The Qatar Investment fund is unable to invest in oil and gas, but the Gulf emirate's banks and infrastructure sectors hold promise as they are set to benefit from the country's natural resources.

It's the world's richest country (per head), it's rolling in oil dollars, it's unaffected by the global recession and runs huge export and fiscal surpluses. It has to be either (a) Norway or (b) Qatar. The answer is (b) Qatar.

Over the past few years the Gulf emirate has enjoyed real GDP growth of 18-20% a year. Oil production is just over one million barrels a day, but the real story in Qatar is about gas. This tiny country, half the size of Wales, is blessed with 14% of all the known gas reserves on the planet.

Neither does it just bring it to the surface and fill up LNG tankers for export. Shell has just completed building a $16 billion (£10.4 billion) gas-to-liquids plant in Qatar, called Pearl GTL, to produce cleaner-burning gas oil. This plant alone will make enough diesel to fill up 160,000 cars a day, and lubricants for 225m cars a year.

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