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BP in Qatar

With the moratorium in place for new exploration until at least 2015 on Qatar's North Field gas reserves, the country, and the major IOC players have continued to find new ways to add value to their current operations.

In 2010 BP celebrated its 75th anniversary of its presence in Qatar which began with the signing of the first oil concession in Qatar and leading to the discovery of the Dhukan oil field. In the 1980's and 90's, BP scaled back on their presence in Qatar's energy industry, allowing other majors such as ExxonMobil and Shell to take over much of the E&P. BP has positioned itself to again grow its presence in the market while analyzing added value opportunities until the moratorium is lifted.

Meanwhile, BP's vast international network has facilitated export opportunities for Qatar, most notably in Spain through BP's Bilbao LNG terminal and at the company's Isle of Grain facilities in the United Kingdom. In China, a fast-growing consumer of Qatari LNG, access for those exports came through the BP-Sino joint venture in Guangdong. While still active and dominant in other regional energy players such as Iraq, the UAE, Kuwait and Oman, BP considers Qatar a future hub of its global gas industry. Now producing 77mta of LNG, Qatar has grown to be the largest gas exporter in the world with a conscience for long term sustainability.

This rapid development of its energy industry has spurred major infrastructure and social development in Qatar as well. Through its Science & Technology Park, Qatar Foundation has encouraged innovation that adds value to its energy industry. BP considers this an ample opportunity for its R&D efforts by participating in joint-solar studies with partners like Qatar Petroleum and Texas A&M University. While Qatar looks to improve its carbon footprint through new building codes requiring renewable energy infrastructure, BP is analyzing solar and other renewable resources for incorporation into these mega-projects.