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HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world.  Its international network covers over 8,000 offices in 88 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America and Latin America.

HSBC's Middle East Advantage  

HSBC's focus on emerging markets continues to be a key driver for the Group's international expansion, and its long history of over 100 years of doing business in the MENA region has provided a strong base for this continued growth strategy.

Traditionally, the Gulf region has played a critical role as a hub for intra-regional and international trade, acting as a gateway to the region for many global businesses looking to access attractive Middle Eastern markets. The United Kingdom continues to be one of the leading partners for inbound trade and FDI, with very long diplomatic and economic ties to many countries around the Gulf. HSBC is well positioned to enable British companies to develop their business in Kuwait.

HSBC Middle East the largest and most widely represented international bank in the Middle East. HSBC Bank Middle East Limited has 50 branches throughout Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Algeria and the Palestinian Autonomous Area. This well established network ensures that HSBC customers from anywhere within the region can quickly and easily access on the ground business insight from across the Middle East, delivering competitive advantages as they look to tap a wider customer base or break ground in a new market.

Kuwait offers British companies a number of attractive advantages. Its economy is diversifying into non-oil sectors in line with its development plan for 2010 - 14, and the government has pledged to spend US $104bn during this period to drive economic growth, which has been projected at 4.3% in 2011.   As the country looks to increase the role of the private sector and position the country as a regional trade and finance centre, there are significant opportunities for UK companies to establish a presence in this hugely promising Gulf state. HSBC originally established a presence in the country in 1942, returning in 2005 to service the needs of both Kuwaiti and international companies looking for an international banking partner in the country.

HSBC is a leading provider of trade finance in Kuwait, and has an unrivalled offering across the Middle East. We offer a wide range of trade related services and are well qualified to provide investment and trading advice to international companies developing their business in the region. 

HSBC also provides a full suite of corporate banking services, including working capital, term finance, import and export facilities, project finance, and corporate internet banking services.    We also provide cost effective solutions that will help you manage payments and cash management needs on a domestic, regional and international basis.  In addition, the Bank offers a range of wholesale advisory, debt finance, risk management, treasury and capital markets and securities services.

At HSBC, we aim to be the leading international business bank, and we are well positioned to help your business grow in Kuwait, the Middle East and beyond.

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