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You should carry out as much market research and planning as possible before exporting to Qatar, using both desk research and visits to the market. You need to determine if there is a market for your product or service and whether your pricing is competitive.

DIT’s trade specialists can help you identify local representatives for your products in Qatar. See:

DIT provides free international export sales leads from its worldwide network. Find export opportunities in Qatar at:

Contact the DIT team in Qatar at: for more information and advice on opportunities for doing business in Qatar.

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Government tenders

Most government purchases over QAR 50,000 (about £10,500) are conducted through a government tendering process run by the Qatar Central Tender Committee.

Government tenders may be:

  • ‘general’ and available to all

  • ‘limited’, using a shortlist of companies who require approval of the Minister of Finance prior to bidding and contract award

  • ‘local’, restricted to below QAR 1,000,000 in value and using a pre-approved shortlist of companies registered with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce Central Tenders Committee where suppliers using local content are given preferential treatment (see:

A strong bond culture underpins government procurement. You must be aware of your obligations and consequences of not meeting contract terms.

Bid and performance bonds of 5% and 10% of the contract respectively are needed for government procurement. This usually takes the form of unconditional bank guarantees with a local bank or certified local bank checks. A bid bond guarantees that if successful, the work will be done as outlined in the bid, and a performance bond guarantees that the work will be completed.

UK architectural, contracting and engineering firms do not need a local presence for the bid process, but it will be necessary to satisfy local presence requirements by the time a contract is ready to be signed.

Government contracts may include arbitration clauses. This normally means local arbitration in Qatar.

Quotations should be given in Qatari Riyals or US Dollars. Where equipment is concerned, the correct incoterm should be researched before quoting. See: for further information.

If you choose to have your tender bids submitted by a domestic company or consultant, you should check with DIT in Qatar first, at: for assistance and information about third-party advisers.

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Further opportunities

2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar’s successful bid for the FIFA World Cup is the Middle East’s first major global sporting tournament. See:

Contact the DIT team in Qatar at: for more information on opportunities around the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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Hamad Port

Hamad Port is one of the world's largest greenfield port developments. Strategically located south of Doha, the QAR 27 billion (US $7.4 billion) megaproject, which includes a new port, a new base for the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces and the Qatar Economic Zone 3, will span a 26.5 km2 area.

See: for further information.

Contact the DIT team in Qatar at: or Qatar Ports Management Company at: for more information on opportunities around Hamad Port.

[Source – Hamad Port Project]

Doha Metro

The new Doha Metro system will be built in two phases – the first will see the construction of three of the four lines (Red, Gold and Green) and 37 stations.

These lines are expected to be open to the public by 2020. The future phases involve the introduction of an additional line (Blue) and the expansion of the existing ones, with more than 60 additional stations to be completed by 2026.

See: for further information.

Contact the DIT team in Qatar at: for more information on opportunities around the Doha Metro. 

[Source – Qatar Rail]

Lusail Rail

Lusail City, just north of Doha, is a visionary waterfront development currently under construction. Designed to be an environmental and self-sustaining community, the city will have residential and commercial developments including schools, medical facilities, shopping centres and more.

The Lusail Tram network will serve the residents of the city by providing an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation that will not only connect destinations within Lusail but also to Doha by way of the Doha Metro.

The 19 km Lusail Tram is on schedule and will have:

  • four lines

  • 25 stations

  • one viaduct (to allow connection with the regional railway)

  • one tram depot with operation, maintenance and storage facility and test-track, utilising the latest state-of-the-art ‘Catenary-free’ train power service

See: for further information.

Contact the DIT team in Qatar at: for more information on opportunities around the Lusail Rail project.

[Source – Qatar Rail]


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